Sunday, 12 January 2014



Header Theeb Alqerem, Feeling proud working with Canaan.

Header Theeb Alqerem is recognized as a farming leader in his village of Jalquamous. He is known for his high quality farming practices. He prides himself as an organic farmer with rich soil, free of pesticides and he has been careful about the way he arranges his fields. 

Header is also very particular about his harvesting procedures, always picking his olives by hand and gently placing them in boxes. It's always been the way he has done things. 

So when Canaan Fair Trade introduced these agricultural procedures to him, it was nothing new to him. However, he knew that by working with Canaan his productions would gain an even better reputation: "I have always given my land my best....Other companies look at Canaan as a model of success and they want to emulate Canaan."

Header is also highly impressed by the way Canaan has improved the local economy of Jalquamous. "I've never seen the economy this good before." 

Header is proud of the way Canaan takes care of their farmers, teaching them about healthy agricultural practices and ensuring a minimum price. "Canaan keeps farmers sustainable because they can depend on a minimum price. Canaan is our best choice."

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