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12 Uses of Olive Oil for Children and Babies

In the same way, we must give this magic liquid to our little treasures, I will try to give you some keys about how can you use Olive Oil for children and babies.

Before birth (inside mom)

  • 1.-As they can’t eat by himselfs, mom must eat for them, always with olive oil.
Babies of women who took olive oil during pregnancy usually get better standards of height, weight and general development.
Unborn children need to keep significant reserves of vitamin E for going abroad and olive oil is full of it
olive oil for children and babies
It is good for mothers taking olive oil in pregnancy to maintain blood pressure levels and stay strong and healthy with the river of antioxidants provided by olive oil.
Although not a direct use for children, it is recommended that mothers use an emulsion of olive oil and water to prevent the cracks that occur after childbirth.

Olive Oil for Babies

  • 2.-Olive Oil for preemie babies.
Some studies teach us that including extra virgin olive oil in preemie’s diet is benefical to improve their health and their future development. As you know, sometimes this babies didn’t get enough time inside mom and they need this super-food for super heroes in order to update their entire system.
olive oil for children and babies
  • 3.-Olive Oil as babies moisturizer:
If you have children, you know what I’m talking about. Your children skin must be healthy and softly all day, and specially after night bath, it’s very important to keep it hydrated. It helps them to sleep and helps you to be happy. I always used Olive Oil  for babies at home and it works very well.
  • 4.-Olive Oil is a  Natural Remedy for Baby’s Diaper Rash
Diaper Rash is due to several causes, dentition, sweat,wet diapers,etc,.Tthere are a lot of babies suffering this kind of situations, Olive Oil helps your babie by easing diaper rash. You can check it by only use it over the surface mixed with water. Use 2 parts of olive oil for 1 part of water , beat it hardly and apply it after that. Save what remains of this remedie and re-beat it the next time.
  • 5.-Constipation
Inlcuding Olive Oil in your baby diet, help to avoid constipation, but if it appears… there are some traditional remedies for break constipation in babies, it can sound incredible and amazing, but people use it and it’s my duty write it here.
Take your index finger and cover it with olive oil, and introduce it in your babie’s anus. People said: 50% effectiveness
Do the same operation, but replacing your index finger with a geranium (cranesbill) stem. People said: 100 % effectiveness.
I have no opinion because I didn’t try it.

Olive Oil for children

  • 6.- Children with atopic skin 
Atopic Children are usually very special ones, If your son or daughter is one of them you know it. You can help them by using shower gel or soap olive oil based, there are a lot of brands developing this kind of products. I know for example Olea Cosmeticos rural women artisans , I used it with my daughter and it works very, very well.
  • 7.-Head lice
Yes, it’s a annoyance, but it happens. Your kid return from college and Oh my god!!
Follow this link in order to get the proccess to finish the problem with olive oil.
The same company I said before , has a threatment for fighting against lice olive oil based.

olive oil for children and babies
  • 8.-Get a glossy coat:
Using Olive oil by eating it helps your hair, but, you can use shampoo olive oil based in order to obtain a “brighter than the sun”. Try it looking for this product and share your experience with me.
  • 9.- Otitis:
Otitis is a general term for inflammation or infection of the ear. A traditional remedy for otitis in the middle ear is applying  warm olive oil, it’s used since ancient times for ear infections, avoiding antibiotics prescriptions.
  • 10.-Surgical sutures cure and scars
Sometimes children suffer accidents when they are playing or in other situations, you can use Olive Oil by putting it over these hurted areas in order to avoid future scars due to the skin dryness. Other oils like rosa mosqueta are a good idea too.
  • 11.-Phymosis
The only real problem with children phymosis is that is neccesary to mantain clean the area named glans penis. In order to do that, the skin round it must be as elastic as possible to avoid access .
Olive Oil is used for years in this issue. Make a massage using olive oil, while trying to open the area, taking the skin to the point of no pain, but stress. Repeat this operation and you will get a clean gland penis. (It’s the objective)
  • 12.- Alimentation.
The main issue of this post, you need to include olive oil regulary in your diet, and in your children’s diet. There are a hundred of benefits and a much more without being discovered yet.
Yes, it’s your health ,  BE OLIVE OIL MY FRIEND.
Please, if you found useful this post, share it with your friends and family.
Feel free of leaving me a comment if you have other tips. I appreciate your contribution.
Be olive oil my friend.

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