Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Canaan Fair Trade, a social entrepreneurship firm dedicated to artisan quality products that seeks to sustain the livelihood of Palestinian producer communities, is pleased to announce the Canaan Organic Research and Extension Center (COREC) was incorporated in the state of Palestine on May 2, 2013.

The center is a not-for-profit that will serve as a national central point for conducting research, education and extension activities to promote organic production and marketing in Palestine. The center seeks to revive the authentic traditions of organic farming in Palestine while enriching them with modern organic farming knowledge. The traditional farming methods can also be utilized by the modern sustainability movement, creating a space for the small traditional farming family in the modern world.

The main researchers are the farmers themselves, aided by professional researchers and guided by established scholars and experts in the fields. The Center will also serve as a research field for international scholars who may wish to pursue study agendas in Palestine.

“We will collaborate with universities and other research centers around the world, pulling together
resources in organic farming into Palestine,” says Dr. Nasser Abufarha, Center founder. “We will share the wealth of our traditional farming knowledge with the organic movement around the world to help link the center with ideas, support, and partnerships.”

Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian company with a social mission, was founded in 2004 to empower
thousands of small farmers caught in conflict to sustain their livelihood, build hope for a better future, and promote economic and cultural interaction towards a peaceful tomorrow. Canaan produces and distributes the organic, Fair trade and Extra Virgin olive oil and traditional foods cultivated by 1700 small farmer members and 200 women producers joined in the 49 cooperatives of the Palestine Fair Trade Association.
The Center will be another vehicle to realize Canaan's mission of empowering Palestinian farming communities to sustain their livelihood and afford them a space in modern society.


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