Thursday, 31 October 2013



Join our Fair Olive Harvest Tour this Season!


Join our Canaan Harvest Tour from October  26 th - November 2nd, 2013!  and

 if you cannot make it this year, we would like to see you next year, InsyaAllah.

Take part in picking and pressing the olives you enjoy so much!

See beautiful and ancient Palestine.
Experience the culture, heritage, cuisine and the amazing hospitality of the Palestinian people!
Tour your way from the south to Ramallah to Jenin, passing through Taybeh, Deir Ballout, Nablus, Sebastia, Nusf Jbeil, Aqaba, Burqin and Jenin!

Stay in different villages with farm family hosts and pick their olives!  Visit historical, archeological and religious sites, old cities, and hike the amazing landscapes.
Spend a full day with the PFTA visiting village cooperatives, enjoy the Olive Harvest Festival and a half day hike and picnic lunch in the hills of Jenin.

The annual Olive Harvest Festival the first Friday in November is an important event that strengthens the relationships between farmers and serves as a connecting point where farmers get the opportunity to meet the individual consumers, companies, and
 solidarity groups that buy their products.
There are cultural activities and performances that reflect the Palestinian culture and more specifically the Palestinian farmer so that the world and new generations can benefit by learning about the agricultural heritage of Palestine.
We look forward for hosting you in beautiful Palestine, HOME OF THE OLIVES.

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